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You Be The Judge

You Be The Judge

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You don’t have to be on a judging panel to know what kind of wine you like but it sure does help to know the ones that are award-winning wines, since they have been tried and tested by trained judges.


Stella Rosa is an exclusive brand that has brought numerous award-winning sparkling red wines, and there is good reason for that.  From a family whose roots have been planted in Los Angeles over 99 years ago, their winery – San Antonio Winery – remains the oldest and largest producing winery in L.A.

These sparkling reds tickle the tongue with fresh fruit flavor combinations that are sure to convince you of their worthy awards.  Produced with grapes grown in Napa Valley and Paso Robles regions, it’s no wonder this would produce award-winning sparkling red wines.


But we don’t have to tell you, because we trust that if you’re picking up a bottle of Stella Rosa, you’ve already got an eye for good quality, and once you try these sparkling red wines, we’ll let you be the judge.


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Happy judging!

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