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Why DIY? Because Sometimes You Have To

Why DIY? Because Sometimes You Have To

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Not all of us are crafty or even want to be, so DIY isn’t our thang but if it means the difference between saving your furniture or having to buy a new couch…well you’ll want to arm yourself with these handy DIY tips.

It’s the curse of the white fabric. After many unpleasant experiences of walking around half the day sporting unwanted sweet red wine stains and asking people for Tide pens, I’ve concluded white is a magnet for stains. Sadly, it’s not just limited to shirts either; we must be cautioned around all white fabrics. The latest victim, my friend’s brand new pristine white linen couch, yikes is right. Nothing puts a halt on the red wine and dining fun like a spilt drink.


Sweet red wines taste the best, but sadly stain the worst. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation as my dear friend, follow these expert tips because there is a chance to save your couches life.

First and foremost – act quickly and do not rub

  • Act quickly and do not rub
  • Use a cloth or paper towel and dab out all that you can
  • Cover stain with salt, let dry
  • Wash out with cold water and baking soda
  • Tell your friend that was his or her last glass for the evening

Save your furniture and that sweet red wine, because your couch actually prefers not to drink. For those of us who do, follow our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages to get the latest on all our sweet red wines.

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