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Make It Pop

Make It Pop

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Today’s fun wine pairing is brought to you by our favorite carnival snack – popcorn! If you’re a fan of popcorn and love Stella Rosa wines, you need to try these 8 simple and delicious popcorn and wine pairings for yourself today!

Stella Rosa Imperiale Prosecco – Butter popcorn
Stella Rosa Imperiale Orange – Caramel Corn
Stella Rosa Platinum – Cheddar cheese
Stella Rosa Moscato d’Asti – Jalapeño cheddar
Stella Rosa Rosso – Peanut butter & chocolate
Stella Rosa Imperiale Moscato – Cinnamon toast
Stella Black – Zebra popcorn
Stella Peach – Kettle corn

And there you have it! Popcorn and Stella Rosa wines make the perfect pair and will have you wanting more! Find more of your favorite wines at your local retailer or shop online or in-store at San Antonio Winery today.

Ice Cream Wine Floats

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Better than your average ice cream float! With all this carnival excitement, we’re on an all-time sugar high and we have these Stella Rosa ice cream floats to thank. You heard us right, we’ve taken your favorite childhood indulgence and upped the ante by adding your favorite summer wines!

Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream FTW! We chose these classic flavors and mixed and matched them with Stella Black and Platinum, but there’s really no wrong choice when pairing ice cream and Stella Rosa wines, so have fun with this one!

Set up an ice cream float table with all the fixings: ice cream and Stella Rosa Black and Platinum aluminums (it’s hot out, so make sure to keep these on ice), whipped cream, sprinkles, Oreos, and gummy bears – because who doesn’t love gummy bears?!

We’re sure these floats will be a hit, so make sure you have enough sweets for all!

Not sure where to find Stella Rosa? No worries – check out our online store locator to find a retailer near you or shop online or in-store at San Antonio Winery.

Feeling Thankful…And Hungry!

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Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. It’s that special time of the year we get a break from our hectic schedules and can reconnect with friends and family while devouring our favorite comfort foods.

Although we love traditional favorites, the best Thanksgiving menu includes both classic family recipes and dishes with a modern twist. Feast your eyes on some of these Thanksgiving food and wine pairings featuring Maddalena Wines, San Simeon Wines, Stella Rosa, and Bodega Sangria!

Stuffing & Maddalena Pinot Grigio

A light white wine like Maddalena Pinot Grigio has the perfect flavor profile to elevate the rich and savory flavors in a buttery stuffing, allowing the strong array of spices and herbs to come through. When pairing wine with foods, it’s important to make sure that the flavors complement each other. Stuffing has such a distinct flavor that when selecting a wine to pair with it, we wanted to choose a wine with a delicate flavor, making Maddalena Pinot Grigio the perfect fit.

Classic Mashed Potatoes & Stella Rosa Imperiale Moscato Rose


This pairing had us at mashed potatoes! But to add some finesse to our childhood favorite, we added Stella Rosa Imperiale Moscato Rose and fell in love all over again! Stella Rosa Imperiale Moscato Rose gives some pep to the mashed potatoes’ step with its notes of apricots and wildflower. The fizz in Imperiale Moscato Rose left us wanting more!

Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole & San Simeon Chardonnay

The bright fruit flavors of San Simeon Chardonnay pairs nicely with creamy sweet potato casserole. We made a salted pecan crust for our sweet potato casserole, bringing out even more of the toasty vanilla flavors in the wine.

Truffled Mac and Cheese & Stella Rosa Rosso

A hearty dish like Truffled Mac & Cheese requires a sturdy, distinct wine to pair with. And that perfect wine is Stella Rosa Rosso. It brightens up the nutty truffle flavors and mellows out the zingy cheesy goodness.

Glazed Maple Carrots & Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti

The most delicious and easiest way we like to eat our veggies is with Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti! We used fresh carrots and marinated them in maple syrup and cinnamon until they were soft. Moscato D’Asti has notes of honey, pear, and apricot, creating a nectarous flavor combination.

Buttermilk Cornbread & Maddalena Muscat Canelli

The deliciousness of crumbly buttermilk cornbread paired with semi-sweet Maddalena Muscat Canelli is a flavor we are thankful for!  The mild sweetness of the cornbread and wine creates a smooth, delicious, and refreshing fusion of flavors.

Corn Pudding & Bodega Sangria

We couldn’t leave Bodega Sangria out of the Thanksgiving mix. Bodega Sangria cut the hearty creaminess of the corn pudding nicely, leaving room for our palate to taste our favorite sangria that bursts with notes of fresh citrus fruit and cinnamon.

Pumpkin Pie & Stella Rosa Peach


Our Thanksgiving dinner was so delicious, we almost thought of skipping dessert, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave out the classic Thanksgiving indulgence, pumpkin pie! When selecting a wine to pair with it, we began thinking of the robust pumpkin filling on the bed of flakey, buttery crust. Stella Rosa Peach brought out the nutty and slightly sweet flavors of the pumpkin and paired nicely with the creamy whipped topping.

Apple Pie & Stella Rosa Platinum

Okay, we know we already had pumpkin pie, but we figured, what’s Thanksgiving without apple pie!? And Thanksgiving is the time to indulge in our favorite foods, so we added one last pairing to our Thanksgiving menu: Apple Pie and Stella Rosa Platinum! Stella Rosa Platinum has a semi-sweet taste and wraps your palate in luscious notes of green apple and vanilla, the perfect complement for a slice of apple pie.

We have a lot to be thankful for, but most of all, we are thankful for all of you, our supporters! And because we are so thankful, we are giving away online promo codes for our wine! Follow Maddalena Wines, San Simeon Wines, Stella Rosa, and Bodega Sangria on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be the first to know about November and December’s giveaways and holiday specials!


Stellabrate America Quiz – ENDED

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Exercise your right to vote! The Stella Rosa campaign trail has taken two of our best wines to the top and now it’s time for you to determine which of the two will stand as your favorite wine brand’s leader. Take our fun quiz to find out which Stella Rosa candidate you should be supporting! (And enter yourself into our giveaway to win a $50 online promo code). Polls close November 11, 2016.


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Our newest creation is offering you the same great taste of our wine in the perfect single-serving size. These on-the-go bottles are 8.5 ounces of delicious semi-sweet wine that can now go with you anywhere!

Stella Rosa Platinum and Black Aluminums have teamed up to bring you convenience, reliability and joy. Pack your sunscreen, sunglasses, towels and wine, because Stella Rosa has got your beach needs covered, no need to pack a corkscrew. You are sure to be the hit at your next beach bash because you’ll be arriving in style, with these aluminum bottles that are perfect for the beach and outdoors!

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Gift Boxes Spread Happiness

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We have found the perfect way to personalize your gifts for any occasion and for anyone who is special to you. Instead of buying premade gifts, get crafty and make your own gift arrangements. This is much more fun and more personalized for that special someone. You can put many different things in these gift boxes, like nail polish, chocolates, and the most essential part you cannot forget – Stella Rosa Babies!

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Beat the Heat this Summer!

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STELLA ROSA - Semi Sweet White Wines

Summer days already becoming tasteless? Our magic cure is to drink a semi sweet and chilled white wine. We invite you to follow us. Discover our Stella Rosa semi sweet white wines collection and experience the difference. Drinking these wines and smiling pretty well go hand-in-hand. Our collection offers you different flavors such as Stella Peach, Stella Bianco or Moscato d’Asti. They are all about pleasure and relaxation.

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Oh Yes It’s Ladies Night And We’re Feeling Right

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SR pic

Semi-sweet; how many of us could describe a friend this way? And sparkling? Well that might not always be the case but with Stella, it is! She’s not the over-the-top dripping with sweetness, and she’s not cold and dry. What you’ll find with Stella Rosa is the perfect dose of sweet – right in the middle. The reason she’s the best for a ladies night in, is because she brings just the right amount of sweetness and she’s sparkling. Like a friend who’s always smiling, she sparkles, bringing joy to a conversation or bringing excitement to a party.

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Summer, Fruits, and Stella On-the-Go

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These days we’re looking for quick and easy ways to enjoy refreshing and tasty drinks, and we’re here to tell you that it’s not difficult when your options are Stella Rosa wines. Did you know that Stella Rosa is now available in 8.5 oz. aluminum bottles? That’s right, your favorite semi-sparkling, semi-sweet wine now comes in a convenient single serving size!

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Semi Actually Means Perfection

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SR - semi-sweet red wines pic

Semi doesn’t just mean half, in the true art of winemaking, semi takes on a whole meaning. Well yes it is half, in that it’s not fully sweet, and that is a good thing! Stella Rosa wines are semi-sweet and this is to ensure you are fully satisfied.

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Ice Cream And Wine, Oh How Divine!

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July brings us great weather, celebrating Independence Day and probably the next best day in the year – #NationalIceCreamDay!  July 17th is officially far more exciting than just another Sunday, we are talking an official day dedicated to the best thing you ever ate as a kid.  Now you can combine this with the best thing you ever drank as an adult – lovely Stella Rosa wines.

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Blush of Pleasure!

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STELLA ROSA - Sweet Red Wine

Any moment is a good one to enjoy a delicious red wine, isn’t it? While we are thinking about a tempting wine, it is often the red wines that come to mind first. This comes as no surprise. Red wines are a safe bet that you can accompany with lots of dishes, such as grilled meat, salads, pastas, rice or even deserts.

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Drink up this Sparkling Red, White and Blue

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20160630_125804 (1)

We’re getting geared up for 4th of July and this festive drink is not only fun to make but your guests will be impressed with your patriotic presentation. It doesn’t take many ingredients and it’s great to make with friends for a little pre-party action.

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They Love To Be Sweet

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Are Sweet wines your special weakness? Stella Rosa Wines will know how to satisfy you. Indeed, these wines are known to be semi-sweet, sparkling, refreshing and, of course delicious! They’re just perfect for the summer.

The range in flavors is wide enough that you find what you are looking for. You just need to decide which will likely be hard, trust us.
The semi-sweet wines collection is divided in several types of product. The “L’Originale” familly is an award-winning semi-sweet semi-sparkling line. In this one you can taste the Luxury Collection and the Core Collection. The “Imperiale” family, also known as the frizzante collection, offers a different package and taste.
You can also discover the other different sizes with Stella Babies, Stella Magnums and most recently added, Aluminums.

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