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3 Summer Cocktails To Beat The Heat

3 Summer Cocktails To Beat The Heat

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This summer has been a hot one! With record-breaking heat and longer days, the need to unwind and cool down is absolutely crucial this summer! So make sure to fit some relaxation time into your schedule this week and head to your local retailer for all the ingredients needed for one of the delicious cocktail recipes below.

Besides, what’s a better way to beat the heat and unwind than some ice-cold, refreshing cocktails made with your favorite Stella Rosa wine?

1. Stella Rita


  • 1 Aluminum can of Stella Rosa Platinum
  • 1 can limeade concentrate
  • 1 1/2 cups orange juice
  • 1/2 cup tequila
  • Sea salt and limes for garnish
  • 2 cups of Ice


Add ice and pour Stella Rosa Platinum into blender.

Pour tequila, limeade and orange juice into blender and blend until mixture is smooth.

Pour into glasses, add sea salt, lime slices and empty Stella Rosa Aluminum can for garnish, and enjoy!

2. Mi Ombré


  • Stella Rosa Black
  • Stella Rosa Rosé
  • Stella Rosa Moscato D’asti
  • 3 Ice trays
  • Fresh raspberries and mint leaves for garnish.


Pour Stella Rosa Black into 1 clean ice cube trays and pour Stella Rosa Rosé wine into another ice cube tray.

Pour Stella Rosa Moscato D’asti into 1 more ice cube trays.

Place all 3 trays in freezer and freeze several hours, or until frozen.

Spoon Stella Rosa Black slush into the bottom third of serving glasses.

Spoon Rosé slush into the second third of the serving glasses.

Top with Moscato slush.

Garnish glasses with raspberries and mint, and enjoy!

3. Shake it Off


  • Maraschino cherries
  • 2 1/2 scoops vanilla ice cream
  • 3 parts Stella Rosa Red


Place a few maraschino cherries in the bottom of the glass.

Scoop in vanilla ice cream and add a couple more cherries on top.

Top with Stella Rosa Red and enjoy!

There you have it! Three delicious frozen cocktails to combat the summer heat! Make sure to stay up to date with all things Stella Rosa and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more recipes, discounts, giveaways and more!

Can’t find our wines? Click here to use our wines locator to find the closest Stella Rosa retailer near you or click here to shop online now!

Stella Rosa® Strawberry Moscato Cupcake Recipe

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Snag this delicious Stella Rosa® infused strawberry moscato cupcakes recipe, perfect for girls night or just to treat yourself after a long week!

Birthday Stellabration Sweepstakes

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First 10,000 to sign up will get a free birthday-flavored lip balm.

3 MUST-Have Memorial Day Dishes

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It’s almost Memorial Day, which means time to start thinking about what you’re going to eat! Whether you’re planning on preparing a simple meal for family and friends, attending a potluck or if you’re hosting a full on dinner party, these 3 delightful dishes will make an excellent addition to any Memorial Day Stellabration.

1. Summer Ever After Salad 

2. Picnic In The Park Pies

3. Keep Calm and Kebab ON

Stellabrate With Our Patriotic Sleeves! 

Stellabrate Memorial Day

What’s the perfect meal without the right drink for the occasion? And for Memorial Day, it doesn’t get better than your favorite Stella Rosa flavors wrapped in our exclusive patriotic collectable art sleeves!

See our wines locator to find out who’s selling Stella Rosa wines near you or visit our online store to shop now.

Wine Jello Cups

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Stella Rosa never fails to find a way to upgrade your favorite childhood treats into an adults-only version. We’ve done a Creamsicle cocktail that tastes just like the real deal popsicle, gummy bears, lollipops, and ice cream floats, just to name a few. Now we bring you Stella Rosa Jello! You can easily make these into Stella Rosa Jello shots but you know us, we’re a little extra so we made some fancy-pants layered Jello fruit cups.

What you’ll need:
Stella Rosa wine – your choice of flavor
• Jello mix – your choice of flavor
• Water
• Cool Whip
• Fresh fruit

Let’s make Stella Rosa Jello cups!
1. Bottom layer: combine 1 cup of boiling water and 1 package of Jello mixture until it is fully dissolved. Stir in 1 cup of Stella Rosa. Divide mixture evenly among your serving cups, and refrigerate immediately to let them set.
2. Middle layer: combine 1 cup of boiling water and 1 package of Jello mixture until it is fully dissolved. Mix in 1 cup of Cool Whip. Divide mixture evenly among your serving cups, layering them on top of the set bottom layer. Put the cups back in the fridge so this layer can set.
3. Top layer: repeat step one and divide this mixture evenly among your serving cups, layering them on top of the set middle layer. Refrigerate the cups so the top layer sets.
4. When ready to serve, top each Jello cup with Cool Whip and fresh fruit.

Pro tips:
• If you want more fruit in your Jello cup, cut up some pieces and drop them into the Jello cup after pouring in the liquid mixture. Then place the cups in the fridge to set.
• Keep adding layers of Jello! Just repeat and alternate the steps.
• To achieve the look of our angled Jello, prop your cups on its side in a small box or on the shelf so that the Jello sets at an angle.

It really is just as easy as making regular Jello! You can purchase Stella Rosa wines at your local retailers or at San Antonio Winery in-store and online. Share your final masterpieces with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with #StellaRosa and #Stellabrate.

Stellabrate National Candy Month with Stella Rosa Candy!

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Hope you don’t have a dentist appointment anytime soon because June is National Candy Month! It’s like Halloween but instead of 1 night of sweets, you get 30 full days! This month, rather than just aimlessly feeding your sweet tooth with store-bought, pre-wrapped goodies, challenge yourself to make your own candies from scratch. If you need another boost of inspiration, choose recipes that will leave you with Stella Rosa wine-infused confectionery. Not that you need reminding, but Stella Rosa makes everything better.

Here are just a handful of ways to Stellabrate National Candy Month to get you started! Download all the recipes mentioned below, here:

Start the month with some Stella Rosa Black Lollipops. Tell us, how many licks does it take for you to get to the center?

Next, try your hand at making red wine truffles with Stella Rosa Red or Rosso. There is no secret to making a good truffle – they’re actually much easier to make than most people think!

Pick up some gummy bear molds (or any other shape molds) so you can create a beautiful assortment of Champagne gummies! Our favorite sparkling wines to use here are the Stella Rosa Imperiale Moscato Rose, Brachetto, and Prosecco, but you’ll still need just a little bit of food coloring to get the right color.

If you’re having a small get together (or just a night to treat yourself) and would like to offer Stella Rosa and chocolate pairing options, go for it! You have our recommendations, but you’re still encouraged to try your own pairings too.

You’re going to need something to wash all this candy down, and what’s a better choice of drink than a Stella Rosa-based libation? Call it the Stella Rosa Cotton Candy cocktail.

Tell us what you think and share your own Stella Rosa-infused candies and pairings! Vibe with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and hashtag your photos with #StellaRosa and #Stellabrate for a chance to be featured.

DIY Time: Drink Wine, Give Your Succulents A Home

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Stella Rosa is trendy, succulents are trendy, and DIY crafts are trendy. So, here’s a fun idea: how about repurposing your wine corks to create mini planters for succulents? They’re simply adorable, not to mention easy to put together. Plus, it gives you extra reason (not that you need one) to finish off another bottle of Stella Rosa – you need the cork!

• Wine corks
• Kitchen paring knife or pocket knife
• Magnets
• Hot glue gun
• Soil
• Succulents

Let’s get crafty:
1. Drink Stella Rosa wine and collect the corks.
2. Lay out a piece of paper, cardboard, or towel to work over. This makes the cleanup process much easier and faster.
3. Use a kitchen paring knife or a pocket knife to carve out a hole in the cork. Do this by turning the knife in a circular motion. The hole should go about halfway down the cork.
4. Glue magnets to the corks.
5. Fill corks with soil.
6. Add succulent plants. Add a little more soil and pack it down.
7. Drizzle with a little bit of water.

That’s it! Now you’re free to put your new wine cork succulents onto the fridge, or wherever you had in mind, though most ideal locations would be near a window so it gets some natural light. Then sprinkle or spritz it with some water 1-2 times per week. They’re extremely low maintenance!

If you’re going to forge ahead with this DIY project (and we hope you do), keep us in-the-know on social media by following us on Instagram and Twitter and using #StellaRosa and #Stellabrate on your photos.

What Stella Rosa Flavor Are You?

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Are you a trendsetter like Stella Rosa Rosso, a flirt like Stella Rosa Pink, or a tomboy like Stella Rosa Moscato d’Asti? Find out which Stella Rosa flavor matches your personality best by CLICKING HERE to take the fun personality quiz!

Sunday Funday Super Bowl Poll!

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Either you like football or you don’t. Either way, everyone can agree that Super Bowl game day is awesome! Why? SUPER BOWL PARTIES! Who can resist delicious finger foods, games, and Stella Rosa wine?! We wanted to amp up the fun this year, so we are giving away promo codes for your next purchase of Stella Rosa wine! All you have to do is vote for who you think will win this year’s Super Bowl here. If your team wins, you’ll get a 15% off promo code! Don’t forget to post a photo of you and your favorite Stella Rosa wine on game day to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, using #StellaRosaSunday so we can share it!

Stellabrating the Holidays with Wine and Word Games

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With more time spent indoors this holiday season, you’re going to want more than Netflix-binging to pass your time. You can read a new book, experiment a new recipe in the kitchen, try out all the Stella Rosa cocktails, and get your brain working by completing our Holiday-themed Word Search and Crossword Puzzle!

Download and print our Stellabrate the Holidays Word Search and Crossword Puzzle here:pdf-icon


For the ultimate Stella Rosa fans, finishing these puzzles shouldn’t be too challenging, but if you are stuck on a clue, peruse our website, Facebook, and Instagram for clues!

So how about this:

First, make a batch of Stella Rosa Hot Cocoa drinks (because why not?) or grab some Stella Rosa Aluminums.

Then, print enough Word Search and Crossword Puzzles for yourself and your friends and family.

Last, see who can complete their games first! The Hot Cocoa and Stella Rosa Aluminums are just an extra plus to enjoy, of course!

Whatever Stella Rosa-thing you’re doing this holiday season, whether it’s these games, our wines, our cocktails, etc., we want to be in-the-know! Share how you’re Stellabrating the holidays by uploading your pics to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with #StellaRosa and #Stellabrate. Plus, we’ve got more fun stuff coming your way (including chances to win BIG), so keep in touch!


Stella Stories Sweepstakes – ENDED

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We’re in a pretty “giving” mood; we have so much to be thankful for this year – all because of you! So, this month, we’re giving away online promo codes for Stella Rosa purchases! After all, you deserve it! Just fill in the form below to enter! Sweepstakes ends 11/30/16. 21+ only!

DIY Stella Rosa Checkers

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Fall is here and we’re kicking off the start of a new season by getting crafty with a fun DIY game that is perfect for your next backyard BBQ. Stella Rosa checkers! A classic game that is fun both indoors as well as outdoors! Our game is an adults-only version that is fun and very easy to make just follow our simple instructions below and you’ll have yourself your very own Stella Rosa checkers for your next group game night!

Download our Stella Rosa checkerboard PDF here.

Step one: Download and print out PDF (6 sheets total)


Step two: Align each sheet together according to instructions on each page


Step three: Cut out each sheet


Step four: Glue sheets onto a large poster board


You are now ready to get your game on with this exclusive and one of a kind Stella Rosa checkers game. Make sure you have enough of our new Stella Rosa 8.5 oz. aluminum bottles for a Platinum vs. Black challenge to make the game just a little bit more interesting.



We want to see your Stella Rosa game nights, so make sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and use #StellaRosa and #Stellabrate for a chance to be featured on our pages.

Find Stella Rosa at your local retailer or shop online or in-store from San Antonio Winery today.

For game rules, click here!



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The big game is this weekend and we can’t wait to spend time with good friends, while eating delicious food and drinking great wine, and let’s not forget commercial watching! That’s right, for this Super Bowl 50 we will be tuning in and enjoying it all with our Stella Rosa and Bodega Sangria (a sister brand of ours) in hand.


There are definitely no rules when it comes to appreciating a good game with a great glass of wine, so get your Stella Rosa and Bodega Sangria ready because we are pairing our most favorite sweet wines and sangria with our most favorite Super Bowl eats!

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All About Those Semi-Sweet Wines You Keep Hearing About

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The semi-sweet wine category is the fastest growing category in the country. Whether it is Moscato, sweet red wine, or a fruity white wine, all brands are currently trying to perfect this semi-sweet wine combination, and figure out what the people want.

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3 Stella Rosa Wine Cocktail Recipes You Need To Try Now

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Stella Rosa is a semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine that is versatile and pairs well with a variety of desserts, appetizers, and meals. The beauty of Stella Rosa is that you can enjoy it at any time and not feel like you’re breaking any “wine rules!” It is crisp and refreshing and best enjoyed chilled.

Stella Rosa also provides wine cocktail recipes which we are pleased to share our 3 favorite ones with you. These you can enjoy at your next dinner party, girls night, or just alongside your weekday/weekend dinners. You can even consider some of these Stella Rosa wine cocktail recipes for your upcoming holiday gatherings!


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