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S’more Marshmallow Pops

S’more Marshmallow Pops

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Here’s your super easy Marshmallow Pops recipe, great for any upcoming party or summer gathering! These pops are simple, decadent and practically effortless. This is an endless fun foodie dessert your friends will love. Roll them in sprinkles, coconut, crushed nuts, graham cracker crumbs, finely chopped candy bars, or anything you’re craving. Pair these delicious treats with a chilled glass of Stella Rosa wine and have a Stellabration. All you need is…

One bag of Marshmallows
Your choice of topping (sprinkles, coconut, crushed nuts, graham cracker crumbs, etc.)
Lollipop sticks
Small cellophane bags (if you want to wrap them up)

~ Directions ~

1. Push a lollipop stick into each marshmallow.
2. Melt some chocolate. You will probably need 4-8 oz. of chocolate, depending on how many marshmallows you dip.
3. Dip one marshmallow at a time into the chocolate.
4. Allow excess chocolate to drip off, then sprinkle your choice of topping onto the chocolate.
5. Set the marshmallow pop (stick down) in a mug to allow the chocolate to set (you can put the mug of pops in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes).

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Popcorn Confetti Bundt Cake

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Indulge yourself! This easy-to-make and extravagantly delicious dessert will not only make your stresses go away but will impress the lucky people you share it with. This is our take on the Popcorn Confetti Bundt Cake, featured on Food Network’s The Kitchen, and we’re enjoying it with our favorite wine, Stella Rosa® Rosso.


Non-stick cooking spray

5 cups plain popcorn

5 cups caramel popcorn

1 cup macadamia nuts

9 cups marshmallows

5 tablespoons unsalted butter

2 teaspoons sprinkles


1. Spray Bundt pan with non-stick spray.
2. Chop macadamia nuts.
3. Combine plain popcorn, caramel popcorn, and macadamia nuts in a large bowl.
4. In a large pot, melt the butter over medium heat.
5. Add marshmallows and stir until they are melted.
6. Pour the popcorn mixture into the melted marshmallows and stir until all the popcorn is coated.
7. Transfer to the Bundt pan and let sit for 1 hour to set
8. Turn the pan upside-down onto a serving platter to release the cake.
9. Sprinkle with rainbow sprinkles.

Enjoy this with a chilled glass of Stella Rosa® Rosso for the perfect afternoon treat. Find Stella Rosa Rosso at your local retailer or shop in-store or online from San Antonio Winery!

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Eat, Drink, and Be (Rose)Mary

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With the holidays in full swing, we want to make sure you have your cocktails in order.  Whether you’re hosting this year or not, Stella Rosa Wines is the way to go!  Stellabrate this festive season with Eat, Drink, and Be (Rose)Mary Stella Rosa specialty cocktail.


Stella Rosa Moscato d’Asti




Fill flutes with Stella Rosa Moscato d’Asti.

Squeeze in lemon juice.

Slowly add in tall rosemary stalk (careful not to allow the wine to overflow).

Garnish with a lemon wedge.

Find your Stella Rosa holiday favorites at your local retailer or shop in-store or online from San Antonio Winery.

Wrapped in Love: Wrapping Paper for Stella Rosa Minis

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Filled with small but handy trinkets, gag gifts, small tokens, and other goodies, stockings are perhaps our favorite gifts to open on Christmas Day. As great as it would be, a full-sized bottle of Stella Rosa is too large and too heavy for stockings. But luckily enough, our Stella Rosa minis are the most adorable and the perfect size! And this year, we created fun, custom wrapping paper just for these Stella Rosa minis.

Download and print our custom wrapping paper here:pdf-icon

We know wrapping wine bottles are a bit tricky because of the shape of the bottle, but with our custom wrapping paper, it really couldn’t get any easier. Just cut along the designated lines and tie it around the neck of the bottle with a ribbon or bow!


Half the fun is wrapping the Stella Rosa bottle and placing it in your loved one’s stockings (while enjoying your own glass of Stella Rosa and all your favorite holiday sweets); the other half is watching your loved ones light up with joy when they open the gift!

Spread the holiday cheer by sharing your Stella Rosa holiday photos with us on Instagram using #StellaRosa and #Stellabrate in your caption. The Minis are available in the Rosso, Pink, Moscato, Prosecco, Berry, and Peach flavors, and can be purchased at San Antonio Winery in-store. You can also contact your local retailer to check if they’re in stock.

From us at Stella Rosa, we wish you a wonderful Stella Rosa-filled holiday season!

Keep Calm & Drink On – 6 New Holiday & Winter Cocktails!

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Chilly days and droplets of rain – this is what’s forcing us to stay indoors these days. Not that we have a problem with that! We’ve got more than enough holiday and Winter-themed Stella Rosa cocktails to keep us happily tipsy and warm. We hope you enjoy!


Pom Pom Punch
Pomegranate, a most festive fruit, couldn’t be loved more than right here, right now. Click here for the simple recipe!


Candy Cane Lane
Ever so slightly more complex but no less merry or tasteful, our Candy Cane Lane combines the likes of our Prosecco with a touch of peppermint and chocolate. Step-by-step instructions are available here.


Sparkling Apple Cider
Apple cider is to the holiday season as Stella Rosa is to… everyday life. So how about combining the two for a delectable Sparkling Apple Cider cocktail? Click to get the recipe!


Hot Cocoa
What’s a cold season without a cup of Hot Cocoa? Spice up this must-have cocktail with Stella Rosa Red – recipe here!


Eat, Drink, Be (Rose)mary
For one so simple, our Eat, Drink, Be (Rose)mary cocktail speaks volumes of sophistication. It’s the perfect libation for a New Years countdown! Click here for the recipe.


Cinnamon Apple Pie
What can we say? Classic. Drink your apple pie for dessert! Get the recipe right here.

Tell us what you think of our new holiday and winter season cocktails! Post your photos on social media and use #StellaRosa and #Stellabrate in your caption. And for more Stella Rosa specialties, subscribe to our VIP newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Ghost of Christmas Past: 12 Holiday Movies to Watch After the Holidays

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The air is crisp outside so we’ve haven’t been doing much except cozying in. It’s the happiest time of the year and if we could drag on the cheer and merriment any longer, we would… And we can! To us, there’s nothing wrong with watching holiday films after the holidays are over. It’s like the Ghost of Christmas Past. So won’t you join us? You bring the popcorn, we’ll open the Stella Rosa – we’ve got 12 holiday movie favorites and classics to get through!

1. Film: Home Alone | Drink: Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti
Hopefully you won’t be home alone this holiday; this is a must-watch holiday movie that keeps delivering the laughs. The must-have Moscato D’Asti is for your extra enjoyment!


2. Film: Elf | Drink: Stella Rosa Platinum
This elf would probably enjoy the green apple and vanilla flavors of Stella Rosa Platinum; enjoy his favorite wine pick as he wrecks havoc all over the Big Apple.


3. Film: It’s a Wonderful Life | Drink: Love, Stella (cocktail)
Bring color to a classic black and white tale with a new twist on a classic wine. Stella Rosa Rosso is a traditional red berry flavored wine that when poured over ice and blood orange slices, it radiates beautiful color and flare. Add a rosemary sprig for a Christmas decorative garnish.

4. Film: A Christmas Story | Drink: Stella Rosa Peach
Little Ralphie keeps being told that BB guns are dangerously fun, much like Stella Rosa Peach is. Full of sparkly peach and sweet honey, have a few bottles handy to share with company.

5. Film: Serendipity | Drink: Stella Rosa Pink
Fun, flirty, and young – 3 words that describe both Serendipity and Stella Rosa Pink. Enjoy this heart-warming story and heart-pleasing wine and create sweet holiday memories with your special someone.


6. Film: The Santa Clause | Drink: Candy Cane Lane (cocktail)
This movie will make you a believer of Santa Clause and our Candy Cane Lane cocktail will make you a believer of magic. A sip of Stella Rosa Prosecco with a hint of peppermint – that’s the trick!

7. Film: Love Actually | Drink: Stella Rosa Imperiale Brachetto
Love is in the air! Enjoy this feel-good movie with a loved one while sharing Stella Rosa Imperiale Brachetto, an Italian wine wrapped in raspberries and rose petals. It’s sure to bring the romance alive.

8. Film: The Nightmare Before Christmas | Drink: Stella Rosa Black
Jack Skellington would definitely choose Stella Rosa Black for its dark and mysterious qualities that are enjoyable year-round (bright and shiny holidays aren’t for everybody). Sip your way through Christmastown for the ultimate eerily fun experience.


9. Film: The Holiday | Drink: Stella Spice (cocktail)
Making the right choice is about taking a chance and the women in The Holiday do just that. Don’t miss out on finding your Mr. or Mrs. Right to spice up your holiday season – start with our Stella Spice cocktail!


10. Film: The Polar Express | Drink: Stella Rosa Berry
Joyful train rides to the North Pole and discovering the wonders of life are the perfect ways to describe Stella Rosa Berry, whose semi-sparkling wild berries characteristics pairs perfectly with the bubbly adventures of The Polar Express.


11. Film: Charlie Brown Christmas | Drink: Hot Cocoa (cocktail)
A Charlie Brown Christmas is a classic we grew up with – tales filled with hope, happiness, and cheer create a warm holiday recipe. The best drink to pair with that is none other than another classic – hot chocolate! Add some Stella Red to our Hot Cocoa recipe for that adults version you’ve been longing for.

12. Film: The Grinch | Drink: The Grinch (cocktail)
The Grinch is sour, sweet, and green. We’re talking about the movie character and this holiday drink to enjoy while you’re watching the movie! In a shaker, combine 2.5 oz. of Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti, ice, 1 oz. Midori melon liquor, 1 oz. vodka, and 1 oz. lemon juice. Strain into a glass, top with Stella Rosa Imperiale Prosecco, and garnish with a lemon slice. Enjoy!

Ring in the holidays with us and follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more fun recipes and holiday ideas. We’d love to see your holiday photos so share them and be sure to use #StellaRosa and #Stellabrate. Happy wine and movie time!

Stella Rosa wines may be purchased from your local retailer or from San Antonio Winery in-store (Los Angeles, Ontario, Paso Robles), or online. Cheers!

Just Add Fruit (And Frozen Fruit Bars)

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You already know that Stella Rosa wine is delicious all on its own, but have you ever tried adding fruit to your ice-cold glass of Moscato D’Asti? How about a frozen fruit bar? This combination is a must-try and so simple to whip up! Just pour yourself Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti and add strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries to your glass. Finish off this refreshing drink by adding your favorite frozen fruit bar.


Enjoy your Moscato D’Asti infused fruit bar as you sip on your wine or let the fruit bar melt into the drink. Both ways are amazing! Get creative and experiment with other fruit combinations-even veggies, herbs and spices! Visit the ‘Cocktails’ page on our new Stella Rosa website for more delicious drink ideas using Stella Rosa.


We love coming up with new ideas to help you enjoy your Stella Rosa wine but also love seeing what you create! Use hashtags #StellaRosa and #Stellabrate and share photos of your awesome Stella Rosa wine creations on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for a chance be featured on our official Stella Rosa social media pages!

Find Stella Rosa at your local retailer or shop online or in-store at San Antonio Winery today and start your weekend stellabration early!

Moscato In A Bowl? The Next Best Thing To Moscato D’Asti In A Glass

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With the colder weather, it’s easy to pass up on the cold wine option. Moscato d’Asti is a delicious semi-sweet wine made from the Moscato di Canelli grape in Italy. It is sweet, but not overly sweet, and has the perfect amount of bubbles. This wine is the perfect aperitif and pairs great with light meals, but today, we’re going to share with you some dishes that you can include the delicious wine into.

Here is the menu:

As an aperitif, a glass of Moscato d’Asti.

Italian wedding soup with meatballs and pepe noodles

For our main course, pearl barley soup (made with a splash of Moscato d’Asti). The simplicity of the barley and vegetable soup with the hint of flavor from the Moscato d’Asti is perfection in a bowl, and warms up any heart on a cold day.

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The Imperiale Way To Stellabrate NYE

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Stellabrate the New Year with the Stella Rosa Imperiale Collection! These five artisan sparkling wines will bring you into the New Year the right way. We have characterized these five delicious Imperiale wines to help you find your best match! So which Stella Rosa Imperiale are you? OR, better yet, which Stella Rosa Imperiale wine do you strive to be in the coming New Year?

The Young at Heart: Delicate, sophisticated, and colorful, Imperiale Moscato Rose has flavors of rich nectarine and yellow peach.

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Macarons are one of our favorite desserts.  We love the chewy texture and taste from the crisp little cookie and can’t get enough of the soft creamy filling.  Today we are helping you pair these popular sweet French confections with Stella Rosa for a truly delicious and special experience.

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Different Kinds Of Moscato Wines

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Moscato wines are often sweet, semi-sparkling, white wines, made from blanc grapes. Today, with aisles and aisles of wine, there are multiple options for Moscato wine lovers, including sweet, semi-sweet, and red Moscato wines just to name a few.

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We are in the spirit of baking, so we’re whipping up a special treat today because our sweet tooth is on overdrive. We are combining our love of wine, cake, and frosting into one perfect little dessert.  Obvs we’re bringing Stella Rosa into the mix, literally.

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About Dry Wines And Food Pairings

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Do you really know what a dry wine is? What makes a dry wine dry?

A dry wine is a wine that has no residual sugar; a dry wine is not sweet. During the fermentation process, yeast consumes the sugars of the juice. In making sweet wines like Stella Rosa wines, for example, the fermentation process stops before the yeast consumes all the sugars. In making dry wines, the fermentation process runs until all the sugars are gone.

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Stella Rosa wines are semi-sweet and refreshing and perfect to enjoy as we start the transition from warm summer nights to breezy fall evenings.  Stella Rosa has delicious Moscato red wines and a variety of flavors for you to choose from.  Moscato red wine pairs well with a variety of dishes from small appetizers to desserts to your favorite meals.  Stella Rosa has a refreshing taste that is best served chilled and perfect for your next get together or relaxing night at home.

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Wine Cocktails Are Everything We Need Right Now

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What a curious Summer it has been for us here in Southern California. Yeah we’re spoiled with like, 300 days of sun each year and we freak out when the temperature drops below 70 and the rain comes down on us, which it has quite a lot this Summer (though unfortunately not nearly enough to alleviate our drought problem). But now that we’re finally getting some 90+ degree weather, we’re desperate for some ice cold drinks. Make that ice cold cocktails, because alcohol makes everything better.

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