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Back-to-Back Stella Black Cocktails

Back-to-Back Stella Black Cocktails

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It’s almost Fall which means it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be sipping into the spooky season!

Although it still feels like Summer here in California, can you believe that it’s already almost Fall and Stellaween® is just around the corner? That means it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be sipping on into the spooky season! How about some brand new cocktails made with our newly titled, “fan-favorite flavor” Stella Rosa® Black? Read on to discover these delicious new back-to-back cocktail recipes!




Pour Stella Rosa® Black into 1 clean ice cube trays and pour Stella Rosa® Rosé wine into another ice cube tray.

Pour Stella Rosa® Moscato D’asti into 1 more ice cube trays.

Place all 3 trays in freezer and freeze several hours, or until frozen.

Spoon Stella Rosa® Black slush into the bottom third of serving glasses.

Spoon Rosé slush into the second third of the serving glasses.

Top with Moscato slush.

Garnish glasses with raspberries and mint, and enjoy!


Stella Rosa Black Cocktails


  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 5 1/2 cups Stella Rosa® Black
  • 4 ounces bourbon
  • Orange wedge and slices
  • Ice


Mix together sugar and cinnamon and spread on a small plate.

In a large pitcher, combine Stella Rosa® Black, orange beverage, and Bourbon.

Rub an orange wedge around rim of glass, then dip glass in cinnamon-sugar mixture to coat.

Fill with ice, add cocktail mixture, and serve with orange slices.

There you go! Two refreshing cocktail recipes to enjoy this fall – and don’t forget to stock up on your favorite Stella Rosa® flavors, wrapped in our limited-edition Stellaween Sleeves! Click here to learn more about our Stellaween® exclusives, and stay tuned for more Stellaween® recipes.

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Stellaween: A DIY Stella Rosa Halloween Takeover

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Candy, costumes, booze, and boos! It can’t be anything except Halloween – or shall we say, Stellaween! Truth be told, this spooky season is our favorite time of the year because we get to be disguised in some costume-contest-winning-worthy costumes (what a tongue-twister) and enjoy our witches-brewed wine at the same time!

This year, Stella Rosa Black, Platinum, and Red are the gals proudly wearing the costumes we made. Perhaps their eerie presence at your local store caused a hair-raising fright, but if you haven’t spotted them lurking in stores near you, we’ve created downloadable and printable versions for you so it’s easy to do in the safety of your own home.


1. Download Stellaween costumes here: pdf-icon

2. Cut off white borders.

3. Wrap tightly around any flavor of Stella Rosa.

4. Use scotch tape to seal the back.

5. Place costumed bottles on display.

These DIY versions are the perfect, haunting embellishment to your Halloween decorations that will make your guests howl with excitement. And when you all (if you all) manage to survive Halloween night, your party will go to the grave with you as the best Stellaween of all time.