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Stellabrating the Holidays with Wine and Word Games

Stellabrating the Holidays with Wine and Word Games

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With more time spent indoors this holiday season, you’re going to want more than Netflix-binging to pass your time. You can read a new book, experiment a new recipe in the kitchen, try out all the Stella Rosa cocktails, and get your brain working by completing our Holiday-themed Word Search and Crossword Puzzle!

Download and print our Stellabrate the Holidays Word Search and Crossword Puzzle here:pdf-icon


For the ultimate Stella Rosa fans, finishing these puzzles shouldn’t be too challenging, but if you are stuck on a clue, peruse our website, Facebook, and Instagram for clues!

So how about this:

First, make a batch of Stella Rosa Hot Cocoa drinks (because why not?) or grab some Stella Rosa Aluminums.

Then, print enough Word Search and Crossword Puzzles for yourself and your friends and family.

Last, see who can complete their games first! The Hot Cocoa and Stella Rosa Aluminums are just an extra plus to enjoy, of course!

Whatever Stella Rosa-thing you’re doing this holiday season, whether it’s these games, our wines, our cocktails, etc., we want to be in-the-know! Share how you’re Stellabrating the holidays by uploading your pics to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with #StellaRosa and #Stellabrate. Plus, we’ve got more fun stuff coming your way (including chances to win BIG), so keep in touch!


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