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Stella Rosa Popsicle? Yes, Please!

Stella Rosa Popsicle? Yes, Please!

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Stella Rosa sparkling wine is perfect any time of the year, for any occasion, paired with any food, but with spring time being officially here, and summer just around the corner, we wanted to share with you the perfect pair that will win anyone over, and is a fun treat to cheer you up any time of day!


First step: Pick up your favorite Stella Rosa sparkling wine. This can be a red or a white wine, but be sure to choose a Stella flavor that you really love, and will love enhancing the flavor of.

Second step: Head over to the frozen food aisle and pick up a box of your favorite popsicles. This can be your favorite fruit, Otterpops, 100% organic, the choice is completely up to you!

Third step: Head home, pour yourself a glass of Stella Rosa sparkling wine and open up a popsicle, and stick it in the glass.

Fourth step? Enjoy!


This treat is so simple, yet really enhances the different flavors of these semi-sweet sparkling wines.

Try this simple recipe out, and let us know your favorite combinations on social media by tagging us @StellaRosa #Stellabrate

For a list of all of Stella Rosa’s semi-sweet sparkling wines, visit us online at

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