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Stella Checkers

Stella Checkers

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Stella Rosa Checkers is a two-person game. Open up your board, dump out all the Stella Rosa bottle cap playing pieces, pour yourself a glass of Stella Rosa wine, and let’s get started!

Setting Up


1. There are two capsule colors – black and white. Assign a color to yourself and to your opponent. You’ll each get 18 caps.
2. The playing board is checkered with 64 squares – 32 red squares and 32 black squares. Place 12 of your caps on the 12 red squares of the 3 rows closest to you. Your opponent will do the same. We will call these the maiden pieces.
3. You will have 6 leftover caps. Set those aside.
4. Flip a coin to determine who will move first. Players will take turns moving, and no player can skip a turn.

How To Move On The Board


1. All pieces remain on the red squares; no pieces should ever land on a black square.
2. All moves must be made in a diagonal direction, with possible further limitations to follow as listed below.



1. Maiden pieces may only move in the forward diagonal direction, towards your opponent, to an adjacent red square.
2. If your opponent’s piece occupies the red square immediately between your maiden piece and another empty red square on the other side, then you can jump your maiden piece over your opponent. When you do this, you capture their piece and remove it from the board. You can complete consecutive forward diagonal jumps if they are lined up properly – opponent, empty red square, opponent, empty red square, etc.



1. The furthest row from you (the closest to your opponent) is called Queens row.
2. If you successfully move your maiden across the board to this row, it becomes a Queen. To signify this, crown your new Queen by placing one of your extra capsules on top (it will now be twice as tall as the Maidens).
3. Whereas Maidens may only move in the forward diagonal direction, Queens may move in the forward and backward diagonal directions.
4. Queens may jump one or more multiple pieces of the opponent to capture them, as long as the opponent’s players are lined up properly to do so.

Winning The Game

1. There are multiple outcomes to end the game and determine the winner:
a. The player who captures all of his or her opponent’s pieces wins the game.
b. The player who cannot make any legal move on the board loses.
c. The game is a draw if neither player can make a legal move on the board.

To create your own Stella Rosa checkerboard, click here!


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