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Taste The Magic of Rosé

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Upload your photo of Stella Rosa Pink and Rose for a chance to win a Taste the Magic gift box!

Hop Until You Drop And Win. Happy Easter! – ENDED

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Welcome to the Stella Rosa Easter Egg Hunt!

The Stella Rosa Easter Bunny has hidden 3 eggs around the Stella Rosa cocktail page of the website; one egg contains a Stella Rosa prize pack that you’re definitely going to want to get!

Our Easter Egg Hunt and ends Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017.

What you’ll want to know:

1) All 3 eggs are hidden immediately on the cocktail page of the website: http://

2) Each egg will be clickable and will take you to another page; if this second page is not Easter Egg Hunt- related, keep looking! Follow the directions on that page in order to be entered to get the prize pack.

3) Coupon codes for the prize pack will be emailed out on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

Good luck!

21+ only. Contest ends 4/16/17.


Find the 4-Leaf Clover & Win! – ENDED

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Top o’ the morning’ to ya!

How about putting your luck to the test this week? We’ve gone and hidden a 4-leaf clover somewhere on the home page of our website. If you find it, click it and enter because you’ll receive a discount towards your next online purchase of Stella Rosa! You have until March 19, 2017… good luck!


Terms and Conditions
21+ only. Contest ends 3/19/17. Prize will be emailed to winners on 3/20/17.

Can You See It?

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Stella Rosa Blind Wine Tasting Game

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We love games and we love when it even more when it involves wine, so gather a few bottles of your favorite Stella Rosa wine and challenge your friends to a Blind Wine Tasting! You only need a few items to host this event and with 13 different Stella Rosa flavors to choose from, you can certainly test everyone’s palate. Cover the bottles with bags, number them for your reference, and let the fun begin!


  • Stella Rosa wine (4 flavors minimum). Click here to see our collection.
  • Brown bags or fabric
  • Numbered cards
  • Our downloadable sheets for each contestant
  • Pens
  • Cheese and crackers to cleanse the palate

Download these sheets:

Step 1: Determine how many people are coming and how many bottles would be needed. If you’re hosting a large party, have your guests bring 2 bottles of Stella Rosa, one can be used for the game and one can go in a stash as the prize for the winner.
Step 2: Cover the bottles with material. Download Stella Rosa’s Blind Wine Tasting sheets to record the secret list of the number associated to the bottle
Step 3: Set out your cheese and cracker plates
Step 4: Hand out the Blind Wine Tasting sheets with pens to all your guests, and get to sipping!

The best way to show off your great hosting abilities is to show us pictures on our social media pages. We look forward to seeing how your Blind Wine Tasting turned out! Share with us on Facebook or Instagram and use #StellaRosa and #Stellabrate in your captions.

Stella Rosa wines are available through our online store and or click here to find your nearest retailer.

Stellabrating the Holidays with Wine and Word Games

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With more time spent indoors this holiday season, you’re going to want more than Netflix-binging to pass your time. You can read a new book, experiment a new recipe in the kitchen, try out all the Stella Rosa cocktails, and get your brain working by completing our Holiday-themed Word Search and Crossword Puzzle!

Download and print our Stellabrate the Holidays Word Search and Crossword Puzzle here:pdf-icon


For the ultimate Stella Rosa fans, finishing these puzzles shouldn’t be too challenging, but if you are stuck on a clue, peruse our website, Facebook, and Instagram for clues!

So how about this:

First, make a batch of Stella Rosa Hot Cocoa drinks (because why not?) or grab some Stella Rosa Aluminums.

Then, print enough Word Search and Crossword Puzzles for yourself and your friends and family.

Last, see who can complete their games first! The Hot Cocoa and Stella Rosa Aluminums are just an extra plus to enjoy, of course!

Whatever Stella Rosa-thing you’re doing this holiday season, whether it’s these games, our wines, our cocktails, etc., we want to be in-the-know! Share how you’re Stellabrating the holidays by uploading your pics to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with #StellaRosa and #Stellabrate. Plus, we’ve got more fun stuff coming your way (including chances to win BIG), so keep in touch!


Stella Checkers

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Category : GAMES

Stella Rosa Checkers is a two-person game. Open up your board, dump out all the Stella Rosa bottle cap playing pieces, pour yourself a glass of Stella Rosa wine, and let’s get started!

Setting Up


1. There are two capsule colors – black and white. Assign a color to yourself and to your opponent. You’ll each get 18 caps.
2. The playing board is checkered with 64 squares – 32 red squares and 32 black squares. Place 12 of your caps on the 12 red squares of the 3 rows closest to you. Your opponent will do the same. We will call these the maiden pieces.
3. You will have 6 leftover caps. Set those aside.
4. Flip a coin to determine who will move first. Players will take turns moving, and no player can skip a turn.

How To Move On The Board


1. All pieces remain on the red squares; no pieces should ever land on a black square.
2. All moves must be made in a diagonal direction, with possible further limitations to follow as listed below.



1. Maiden pieces may only move in the forward diagonal direction, towards your opponent, to an adjacent red square.
2. If your opponent’s piece occupies the red square immediately between your maiden piece and another empty red square on the other side, then you can jump your maiden piece over your opponent. When you do this, you capture their piece and remove it from the board. You can complete consecutive forward diagonal jumps if they are lined up properly – opponent, empty red square, opponent, empty red square, etc.



1. The furthest row from you (the closest to your opponent) is called Queens row.
2. If you successfully move your maiden across the board to this row, it becomes a Queen. To signify this, crown your new Queen by placing one of your extra capsules on top (it will now be twice as tall as the Maidens).
3. Whereas Maidens may only move in the forward diagonal direction, Queens may move in the forward and backward diagonal directions.
4. Queens may jump one or more multiple pieces of the opponent to capture them, as long as the opponent’s players are lined up properly to do so.

Winning The Game

1. There are multiple outcomes to end the game and determine the winner:
a. The player who captures all of his or her opponent’s pieces wins the game.
b. The player who cannot make any legal move on the board loses.
c. The game is a draw if neither player can make a legal move on the board.

To create your own Stella Rosa checkerboard, click here!


End of Summer Bucket List

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Category : GAMES


End of Summer Bucket List